Major Russian Hacking Group ‘Evil Corp’ Linked to Ransomware Attack on Sinclair

Olympus too

Google Says Russian-Speaking Hackers Hijacked YouTube Channels for Cryptocurrency Scam

DDoS Attacks Against Russian Firms Have Almost Tripled in 2021

Commerce Department Cracks Down on Sale of Hacking Products to Foreign Governments

UK NHS Digital Exposes Hundreds of Email Addresses After BCC Blunder Copies in Entire Invite List to ‘Let’s Talk Cyber’ Event
New Gummy Browsers Attack Lets Hackers Spoof Tracking Profiles

New PurpleFox Botnet Variant Uses WebSockets for C2 Communication

Geriatric Microsoft Bug Exploited by APT Using Commodity RATs

Researchers Break Intel SGX With New ‘SmashEx’ CPU Attack Technique

Microsoft Warns of New Security Flaw Affecting Surface Pro 3 Devices

Microsoft 365 Will Get Enhanced Insider Risk Management Tools

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