Ukraine Links Members of Gamaredon Hacker Group to Russian FSB

Beijing Lashes USA’s China Telecom Ban – But Quite Gently

Top DOJ Official Predicting More Arrests in Crackdown on Ransomware, Cyber Crime

Industry Pushes Back on Federal, Congressional Cybersecurity Mandate Efforts

UK Labour Party Blames Breach of Members’ Data on Third-Party Cyberattack

Krebs: ‘Tis the Season for the Wayward Package Phish

Amazon Spoofed in New Attack

Call Center Scammers Using Justin Bieber Tickets, the Weeknd Concerts and Fake Gun Purchases to Spread Malware

Phishing Emails Deliver Spooky Zombie-Themed MirCop Ransomware

Why Ransomware Attackers Are Moving Towards Insider Attacks and What To Do About It

State Dept. Offering $10 Million Reward to Bring Colonial Pipeline Hackers to Justice
Iranian Hacking Group BlackShadow Leaks Patient and LGBTQ Info

Crypto Investors Lose $500,000 to Google Ads Pushing Fake Wallets

Lockean Multi-Ransomware Affiliates Linked to Attacks on French Orgs

Behavioral Health Services Business Seneca Family of Agencies (CA) Possibly Exposed Personal Data

Popular ‘coa’ NPM Library Hijacked to Steal User Passwords

Microsoft Exchange ProxyShell Exploits Used to Deploy Babuk Ransomware

Critical Linux Kernel Bug Allows Remote Takeover

Code Compiled to WebAssembly May Lack Standard Security Defenses

Cisco Fixes Hard-Coded Credentials and Default SSH Key Issues

CISA Urges Vendors to Patch BrakTooth Bugs After Exploits Release

Samsung Galaxy S21 Hacked on Second Day of Pwn2Own Austin

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