Hacker Sends Spam to 100,000 From FBI Email Address

Fake Cybersecurity Warnings

FBI Says Hackers Got No Data After Compromising Email Server

Krebs: Hoax Email Blast Abused Poor Coding in FBI Website

Senate Democrats Urge Government to Do More to Protect K-12 Schools Against Hackers

FTC Shares Ransomware Defense Tips for Small U.S. Businesses

U.S. To Partner With Israel to Combat Ransomware Attacks

China Regulator Proposes Cybersecurity Review for Some Hong Kong IPOs

China’s Next Generation of Hackers Won’t Be Criminals: That’s a Problem

Bitcoin’s Biggest Upgrade in Four Years Just Happened – Here’s What Changes

Security Company Randori Faces Backlash for Waiting 12 Months to Disclose Palo Alto 0-Day

Surveillance Firm WiSpear Pays $1 Million Fine After ‘Spy Van’ Scandal

U.S. Accuses Russian of Money Laundering for Ryuk Ransomware Gang
Costco Confirms: A Data Skimmer’s Been Ripping Off Customers

Spanish Brewery Sociedad Anónima Damm, Maker of Estrella Damm, Paralyzed by Cyber-Attack

West Virginia Parkways Authority Hit by Cyber-Attack

Ransomware Experts Question Massive Pysa/Mespinoza Victim Dump

Hackers Increasingly Using HTML Smuggling in Malware and Phishing Attacks

QBot Returns for a New Wave of Infections Using Squirrelwaffle

Fake End-To-End Encrypted Chat App Distributes Android Spyware

Mac Zero Day Targets Apple Devices in Hong Kong

CISA Warns of Equipment Vulnerabilities From Multiple Vendors

AMD Reveals an Epyc 50 Flaws – 23 of Them Rated High Severity; Intel Has 25 Bugs, Too

Zero-Day Bug in All Windows Versions Gets Free Unofficial Patch

These Are the Top-Level Domains Threat Actors Like the Most

Open Source Project Aims to Detect Living-Off-the-Land Attacks

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