Canada’s Foreign Ministry Hacked, Services Hit

DHS Warns Russia Could Launch Cyberattack on U.S.

Hackers Say They Encrypted Belarusian Railway Servers in Protest

Australian Prime Minister’s WeChat Shanghaied by Chinese Patriots

Myanmar’s Military Junta Seeks Ban on VPNs and Digital Currency

Ransomware Gangs Increase Efforts to Enlist Insiders for Attacks

Cracking a $2 Million Crypto Wallet

VW Fired Senior Employee After They Raised Cyber Security Concerns

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Wins Right to Take Extradition Case to UK’s Top Court

Brazil Changes Visa Rules to Attract Digital Nomads

Tor Project Appeals Russian Court’s Decision to Block Access to Tor

NSF Awards $29M to Cybersecurity Scholarships
Dark Souls Servers Taken Down to Prevent Hacks Using Critical Bug

Personal Data Could Be Stolen in Pembroke Pines (FL) Cyberattack, Expert Says

Unusual ‘Donald Trump’ Packer Malware Delivers RATs, Infostealers

Android Malware BRATA Wipes Your Device After Stealing Data

Log4j: Mirai Botnet Found Targeting ZyXEL Networking Devices

Emotet Now Using Unconventional IP Address Formats to Evade Detection

Linux Servers at Risk of RCE Due to Critical CWP Bugs

Attackers Now Actively Targeting Critical SonicWall RCE Bug

Researchers Break Down WhisperGate Wiper Malware Used in Ukraine Website Defacement

Push to Explain What Software Contains Gains Steam After Log4j Flaw

A CISO’s Playbook for Responding to Zero-Day Exploits

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