“Death Star” Response From U.S. Would Lock Russia Out of 5G, Advanced Chips

NSO Chairman Steps Down After Domestic Spying Allegations in Israel

Belarus Hackers Say They’ve Targeted Railway to Impede Russian Troop Movements

Why the Belarus Railways Hack Marks a First for Ransomware

Sophos: Log4Shell Would Have Been a Catastrophe Without the Y2k-esque Mobilisation of Engineers

TrickBot Now Crashes Researchers’ Browsers to Block Malware Analysis

Google Drive Now Warns You of Suspicious Phishing, Malware Docs

Google Drive Flags Nearly Empty Files for ‘Copyright Infringement’

Krebs: Scary Fraud Ensues When ID Theft & Usury Collide

His Son’s School Was Hacked. Then the Ransomware Gang Called Him at Home.

SEC Chair Eyes Tougher Cyber Rules to Protect Investors Against Hackers

UK Gov’t Releasing Nmap Scripts to Find Unpatched Vulnerabilities

LA Launches Cyber Resilience Center

Russia Arrests Leader of “Infraud Organization” Hacker Group
Segway Hit by Magecart Attack Hiding in a Favicon

Data Breach Compromises Personal Information of Koons Customers

Spokane Regional Health District (WA) Data Breach May Have Exposed 1,058 People

Kings County (CA) Admits COVID-19 Healthcare Data Breach

Linn County (OR) Affected by Ransomware Attack, ‘Several Systems Are Offline’

Coin Bureau YouTube Channel Hacked Despite 2FA Protection

Hackers Exploited MSHTML Flaw to Spy on Government and Defense Targets

MacOS Malware ‘DazzleSpy’ Used in Watering-Hole Attacks

Linux System Service Bug Gives Root on All Major Distros, Exploit Released

Linux Kernel Bug Can Let Hackers Escape Kubernetes Containers

VMware: Patch Horizon Servers Against Ongoing Log4j Attacks!

GitHub Enables Two-Factor Authentication Mechanism Through iOS, Android App

Striking a Balance Between Cybersecurity Awareness and Anxiety

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