Iran’s State Broadcaster Says It Was Hacked for 10 Seconds

U.S. Unveils Plan to Improve Cyber Defenses for Water Utilities

Insurers Want to Avoid Covering War. Ukraine Hacks Put That to the Test.

Shipment-Delivery Scams Become the Favored Way to Spread Malware

IT and DevOps Staff More Likely to Click on Phishing Links

Google Has a New Plan to Kill Cookies. People Are Still Mad.

Florida Considers Deepfake Ban

DeepDotWeb Operator Sentenced to Eight Years for Money Laundering

Indonesia Bars Financial Institutions From Offering Crypto Services

Court Papers Indicate Text Messages From HMRC’s 60886 Number Could Snoop on Brit Taxpayers’ Locations

China Orders Web Operators to Spring Clean Its Entire Internet
Taiwanese Apple and Tesla Contractor Delta Electronics Hit by Conti Ransomware

Data Breach at St. Lucie County (FL) Drug Screening Lab Drug Screening Lab

Hacker Flags Flaw in Swiss Railway System, Exposing Personal Data on 500k

Russian APT29 Hackers’ Stealthy Malware Undetected for Years

Lazarus Hackers Use Windows Update to Deploy Malware

Microsoft Mitigated a Record 3.47 Tbps DDoS Attack on Azure Users

Microsoft Warns of Multi-Stage Phishing Campaign Leveraging Azure AD

2FA App Loaded with Banking Trojan ‘Vultur’ Infests 10K Victims via Google Play

BotenaGo Botnet Code Leaked to GitHub, Impacting Millions of Devices

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