Biden’s Sanctions Plan Targets Russian Banks, Companies and Imports if Ukraine Is Attacked

Russia Will Hit Us With Cyberattack if Sanctioned, Cyber Expert Warns: ‘We Are Already in Warfare State’

U.S. Targets Russian Disinformation in Bid to Defend Ukraine

UK Warned to Bolster Defences Against Cyber Attacks as Russia Threatens Ukraine

U.S. Bans Major Chinese Telecom China Unicom Americas Over National Security Risks

EU to Create Pan-European Cyber Incident Coordination Framework

F.B.I. Secretly Bought Israeli Spyware and Explored Hacking U.S. Phones

The Battle for the World’s Most Powerful Cyberweapon

Finnish Diplomats’ Phones Infected With NSO Group Pegasus Spyware

Most Ransomware Infections Are Self-Installed

The IRS Is Reportedly Looking for ID.me Alternatives Amid Privacy Concerns

FTC: Americans Lost $770 Million From Social Media Fraud Surge

Krebs: Fake Investor John Bernard Sinks Norwegian Green Shipping Dreams

FBI Issues Warning Over Iranian Cyber Company Emennet Pasargad

Philippines Orders Law Enforcers to Probe Online ‘Assassination’ Threat Against Marcos Jr
Hackers Have Stolen $80 Million in Cryptocurrency From the Qubit DeFi Platform

Over 20,000 Data Center Management Systems Exposed to Hackers

Finland Warns of Facebook Accounts Hijacked via Messenger Phishing

LockBit Gang Claims It Stole Data From French Ministry of Justice

Joplin (MO) July 2021 Ransomware Attack Exposed Some Customer Information

Hackers Using Device Registration Trick to Attack Enterprises with Lateral Phishing

Hackers Are Taking Over CEO Accounts With Rogue OAuth Apps

Windows Vulnerability With New Public Exploits Lets You Become Admin

QNAP Users Still Struggling With Deadbolt Ransomware After Forced Firmware Updates

Microsoft Outlook RCE Zero-Day Exploits Now Selling for $400,000

Zerodium Spikes Payout for Zero-Click Outlook Zero-Days

Researchers Use GPU Fingerprinting to Track Users Online

Krebs: Who Wrote the ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Strain?

What’s the Deal With Anti-Cheat Software in Online Games?

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