Ransomware: Over Half of Attacks Are Targeting These Three Industries

Hackers Prey on Public Schools, Adding Stress Amid COVID Pandemic

Rural Towns Say They Need a Hand to Fight Off Hackers and Ransomware

Bracing for Cyber-Spying at the Olympics

Uproar in Israel Over Police Snooping Renews Privacy Debate

Researchers Use Natural Silk Fibers to Generate Secure Keys for Strong Authentication

Academic Journal Elsevier Claims it Fingerprints PDFs for ‘Ransomware,’ Not Surveillance

German Court Rules Websites Embedding Google Fonts Violates GDPR

The Top Reasons Countries Ask Google to Remove Content
Russian ‘Gamaredon’ Hackers Use 8 New Malware Payloads in Attacks

277,000 Routers Exposed to Eternal Silence Attacks via UPnP

600k WordPress Sites Impacted by Critical Plugin RCE Vulnerability

Samba Bug Can Let Remote Attackers Execute Code as Root

CISA Adds 8 Vulnerabilities to List of Actively Exploited Bugs

QNAP: DeadBolt Ransomware Exploits a Bug Patched in December

Microsoft Office 365 to Add Better Protection for Priority Accounts

Apple Pays $100.5K Bug Bounty for Mac Webcam Hack

Cengage to Buy Cybersecurity Training platform, Infosec

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