U.S. Says Russia Is Planning to Fabricate a Pretext to Invade Ukraine

Hacking Team Tied to Russia Targeted ‘Western Government Entity’ in Ukraine -Researchers

Chinese APT ‘Antlion’ New Malware ‘xPack’ Helped Them Stay Undetected for 250 Days

New Wave of Cyber Attacks Target Palestine with Political Bait and Malware

Krebs: How Phishers Are Slinking Their Links Into LinkedIn

Low-Detection Phishing Kits Increasingly Bypass MFA

Microsoft Blocked Billions of Brute-Force and Phishing Attacks Last Year

They Were ‘Calling to Help.’ Then They Stole Thousands

Bitcoin Miners Are Helping the Texas Grid Brace for Winter Storm Impact

Media Groups Divided Over Bill Targeting Google, Facebook Digital Ad Market Power

White House Creates Board to Review Cybersecurity Incidents, Members to Start With Log4j
Wormhole Crypto Platform: ‘Funds Are Safe’ After $314M Heist

St. Clair County 2021 Data Breach Impacted More Than 600 People

PowerPoint Files Abused to Take Over Computers

New Variant of UpdateAgent Malware Infects Mac Computers with Adware

Intuit Warns of Phishing Emails Threatening to Delete Accounts

Zimbra Zero-Day Vulnerability Actively Exploited to Steal Emails

Critical Cisco Bugs Open VPN Routers to Cyberattacks

Target Open Sources Scanner for Digital Credit Card Skimmers

Cybersecurity: Many Managers Just Don’t Want to Understand the Risks

Education Provider Infosec Announces New Cybersecurity Scholarships

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