Cyberattack on News Corp, Believed Linked to China, Targeted Emails of Journalists, Others

Hackers Targeted News Corp’s Tech Suppliers

The Cost of Ripping and Replacing Chinese Cellular Equipment Has Ballooned by Billions

Microsoft: Russian FSB Hackers ‘Gamaredon’ Hitting Ukraine Since October

Another Israeli Firm, QuaDream, Caught Weaponizing iPhone Bug for Spyware

Health Sites Let Ads Track Visitors Without Telling Them

FBI Shares LockBit Ransomware Technical Details, Defense Tips

Law Enforcement Action Push Ransomware Gangs to Surgical Attacks

A Look at the New Sugar Ransomware Demanding Low Ransoms

U.S. Authorities Charge 6 Indian Call Centers Scamming Thousands of Americans
Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) Says Data of Hundreds of Thousands May Have Been Breached

Swissport Ransomware Attack Delays Flights, Disrupts Operations

HHS: Conti Ransomware Encrypted 80% Of Ireland’s HSE IT Systems

Ransomware Attack in Germany Tied to Colonial Pipeline Hackers

Argo CD Security Bug Opens Kubernetes Cloud Apps to Attackers

CISA Issues Advisory Warning of Critical Vulnerabilities in Airspan Networks Mimosa

OpenSea Launches New Contract-Clearing System to Protect Against Recent Bug

Microsoft Disables MSIX Protocol Handler Abused in Emotet Attacks

Strong Authentication Protects Against Phishing. So Why Aren’t More People Using It?

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