Optus: How a Massive Data Breach Exposed 40% of Australia

Government, Union-Themed Lures Used to Deliver Cobalt Strike Payloads

Covert Malware From UNC3886 Targets VMware Shops for Hypervisor-Level Espionage

Microsoft: Lazarus Hackers Are Weaponizing Open-Source Software

Mobile, Cloud and Email Are Top Threat Vectors For 2023

Fired Admin Cripples Former Employer’s Network Using Old Credentials

Twitch Is Temporarily Restricting Browser Support to Just Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

Brave Browser to Start Blocking Annoying Cookie Consent Banners
Swachh City Platform Suffers Data Breach Leaking 16 Million User Records

Personal Data of 70K Students Accessed in Waterloo School (ON) Cyberattack

Brazilian Prilex Hackers Resurfaced With Sophisticated Point-of-Sale Malware

‘Witchetty’ Hacking Group Hides Backdoor Malware Inside Windows Logo Image

New Royal Ransomware Emerges in Multi-Million Dollar Attacks

A Matrix Update Patches Serious End-to-End Encryption Flaws

Detectify Secures $10M More to Expand Its Ethical Hacking Platform

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