Russia Prepares to Annex Parts of Ukraine as Staged Votes End

The Race to Find the Nord Stream Saboteurs

Stealthy Hackers, Similar to APT37, Target Military and Weapons Contractors in Recent Attack

Energy, Finance and Telecoms Corporations Test Their Cyber Mettle

Meta, YouTube Failing to Crack Down on Brazilian Election Misinformation

Cryptominers Hijack $53 Worth of System Resources to Earn $1

IRS Warns Americans of Massive Rise in SMS Phishing Attacks

Turnstile is Cloudflare’s Latest Attempt to Rid the Web of CAPTCHAs

Lacks Crosswalks, Checkboxes, Google

Google to Test Disabling Chrome Manifest V2 Extensions in June 2023

Microsoft to Kill off Old Access Rules in Exchange Online

Wall Street to Pay $1.8 Billion in Fines Over Traders’ Use of Banned Messaging Apps
Hackers Breach Tech Magazine Fast Company to Send Racist Push Notifications to iPhones

Hacker Shares How They Allegedly Breached Fast Company’s Site

AUTH0 Warns That Some Source Code Repos May Have Been Stolen

FMC Services (TX) Data Breach Affecs More than 230k People’s Sensitive Info

Researchers Warn of New Go-based Malware ‘Chaos’ Targeting Windows and Linux Systems

Leaked LockBit 3.0 Builder Used by ‘Bl00dy’ Ransomware Gang in Attacks

Cyber Criminals Using Quantum Builder Sold on Dark Web to Deliver Agent Tesla Malware

Hackers Now Sharing Cracked Brute Ratel Post-Exploitation Kit Online

Ethernet VLAN Stacking Flaws Let Hackers Launch DoS, MiTM Attacks

Most Attackers Need Less Than 10 Hours to Find Weaknesses

When Will Cybersecurity Get Its Bloomberg Terminal?

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