Never-Before-Seen ‘CryWiper’ Malware Is Nuking Data in Russia’s Courts and Mayors’ Offices

Snowden Receives Russian Passport, Takes Citizenship Oath

North Korean ‘Lazarus’ Hackers Use New, Fake Crypto App ‘BloxHolder’ to Breach Networks, Steal Cryptocurrency

Elon Musk Suspends Ye From Twitter Following Swastika Tweet

Globally Critical Chip ASML Firm Is Driving a Wedge Between the U.S. And Netherlands Over China Tech Policy

Industry Coalition Urges Congress to Hold off on SBOMs Requirements for Defense Contractors

DHS Cyber Board to Examine Hacking Extortion Group Lapsus$

Proton Calendar Rounds Out Security-Focused Big Tech Alternative on iOS

Google Increases Android Security With Memory-Safe Programming Languages

When Hackers Strike, CEOs Become Negotiators, Communicators

Watch Out: Triple-Pronged PayPal Phishing & Fraud Scam

Police Arrest 55 Members of ‘Black Panthers’ SIM Swap Gang

SIM Swapper Gets 18-Months for Involvement in $22 Million Crypto Heist
Rackspace Rocked by ‘Security Incident’ That Has Taken Out Hosted Exchange Services

Cyber Attack on Tamil Nadu Hospital, Hackers Sell Data of 1.5 Lakh Patients

Florida Department of Revenue Tax Website Bug Exposed Filers’ Data

San Diego Unified School District Receives Cybersecurity Threat

Hackers Use Archive Files and HTML Smuggling to Bypass Detection Tools

‘Black Proxies’ Enable Threat Actors to Conduct Malicious Activity

Hackers Sign Android Malware Apps with Compromised Platform Certificates

Android Malware Apps With 2 Million Installs Spotted on Google Play

CISA Warns of Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities Affecting Mitsubishi Electric PLCs

Researchers Disclose Supply-Chain Flaw Affecting IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL

Google Rolls Out New Chrome Browser Update to Patch Yet Another High-Severity Zero-Day Vulnerability

We Are Still Failing to Learn the Most Important Lesson in Cybersecurity: That Needs to Change, Fast

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