The TikTok CEO’s Face-Off With Congress Is Doomed

Cyberterrorism Tops List of Threats to U.S. Vital Interests: Gallup

Unknown Actors Deploy Malware to Steal Data in Occupied Regions of Ukraine

North Korean Hackers Using Chrome Extensions to Steal Gmail Emails

German Political Parties Accused of Microtargeting Voters on Facebook

Facebook Accounts Hijacked by New Malicious Trojanized Version of ChatGPT Chrome Extension

ChatGPT-Owner OpenAI Fixes ‘Significant Issue’ Exposing User Chat Titles

CISA and NSA Enhance Security Framework With New IAM Guide

Beloved Hacking Veteran Kelly ‘Aloria’ Lum Passes Away at 41
Dole Discloses Employee Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

Convergent Outsourcing (WA) Files Notice of Data Breach That Leaked Consumers’ SSNs

Sunland Asphalt and Construction (AZ) Data Breach Affects 7,884 Individuals’ Personal Info

$36M BEC Fraud Attempt Narrowly Thwarted by AI Technology

Hackers Inject Credit Card Stealers Into Payment Processing Modules

New Android Banking Trojan ‘Nexus’ Promoted As MaaS

NAPLISTENER: New Malware in REF2924 Group’s Arsenal for Bypassing Detection

ScarCruft’s Evolving Arsenal: Researchers Reveal New Malware Distribution Techniques

PoC Exploits Released for Netgear Orbi Router Vulnerabilities

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