TikTok Congressional Hearing: CEO Shou Zi Chew Grilled by U.S. Lawmakers

TikTok Paid for Influencers to Attend the Pro-TikTok Rally in DC

Are Chinese Tech Firms a Security Risk?

Krebs: Google Suspends Chinese E-Commerce App Pinduoduo Over Malware

Stanford Pulls Down ChatGPT Clone After Safety Concerns

Journalist Plugs in Unknown USB Drive Mailed to Him—It Exploded in His Face

Windows 11, Tesla, Ubuntu, and macOS Hacked at Pwn2Own 2023

CloudPanel Installations Use the Same SSL Certificate Private Key

New CISA Tool Detects Hacking Activity in Microsoft Cloud Services

How to Use ChatGPT to Write Code

Epidemic of Insecure Storage, Backup Devices Is a Windfall for Cybercriminals

MITRE Rolls Out Cloud-Based Prototype for Supply Chain Security

Kids Tech Camp iD Tech Still Silent Weeks After Data Breach
City of Toronto Confirms Data Theft, Clop Claims Responsibility

Attorneys Say Private Information Exposed to Public in NC Courts Overhaul

Ottawa County (OH) Officials Working to Restore Network After Ransomware Attack

Shoreline College (WA) Website Hacked; Officials Investigating

Tri Counties Bank in Chico (CA) Suffers Data Breach After February Cyber Attack

China-Aligned “Operation Tainted Love” Targets Middle East Telecom Providers

German and South Korean Agencies Warn of Kimsuky’s Expanding Cyber Attack Tactics

Python Info-Stealing Malware Uses Unicode to Evade Detection

SharePoint Phishing Scam Targets 1600 Across U.S., Europe

BlackGuard Stealer Now Targets 57 Crypto Wallets, Extensions

Exploit Released for Veeam Bug Allowing Cleartext Credential Theft

WordPress Force Patching WooCommerce Plugin with 500K Installs

Microsoft Fixes Acropalypse Privacy Bug in Windows 11 Snipping Tool

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