CISA Unveils Ransomware Notification Initiative

UK National Crime Agency Sets Up Fake DDoS-For-Hire Sites to Catch Cybercriminals

Uncle Sam Reveals It Sent Cyber-Soldiers to Albania to Hunt for Iranian Threats

‘Bitter’ Espionage Hackers Target Chinese Nuclear Energy Orgs

IRS Phishing Emails Used to Distribute Emotet

ChatGPT’s History Bug May Have Also Exposed Payment Info, Says OpenAI

Open-Source Bug

Australian Police Arrest Four BEC Actors Who Stole $1.7 Million

FBI: Business Email Compromise Tactics Used to Defraud U.S. Vendors

FBI Confirms Access to Breached Cybercrime Forum Database

India Shut Down Cell Service for 27 Million During a Manhunt

GitHub Swiftly Replaces Exposed RSA SSH Key to Protect Git Operations

The Strongest Protection for Your Online Accounts? This Little Key
Procter & Gamble Confirms Data Theft via GoAnywhere Zero-Day

New Dark Power Ransomware Claims 10 Victims in Its First Month

Kroger Postal Prescription Services Breach Impacts 82,466 Consumers

Maersk Says Posted Data Is Not Current and Not From Attack by Hackers

Wisconsin Court System Affected by DDoS Incident

Washington County (FL) Sheriff’s Office Back to Normal After Cyber Attack

Russia’s Rostec Allegedly Can De-Anonymize Telegram Users

Inaudible Ultrasound Attack Can Stealthily Control Your Phone, Smart Speaker

Microsoft Pushes OOB Security Updates for Windows Snipping Tool Flaw

Microsoft Teams, Virtualbox, Tesla Zero-Days Exploited at Pwn2Own

Windows, Ubuntu, and VMWare Workstation Hacked on Last Day of Pwn2Own

Fortra Told Breached Companies Their Data Was Safe

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