Chinese Cops Ran Troll Farm and Secret NY Police Station, U.S. Says

ICE Records Reveal How Agents Abuse Access to Secret Data

Israeli Spyware Vendor QuaDream to Shut Down Following Citizen Lab and Microsoft Expose

I Just Discovered My Roomba Can Be a Security Camera

Marketing Biz Join the Triboo Limited Sent 107 Million Spam Emails… To Just 437K People

Student Requested Access to Research Data. And Waited. And Waited. Then Hacked to Get Root.

Elon Musk to Develop ‘TruthGPT’ as He Warns About ‘Civilizational Destruction’ From AI

Insurers Wary of Longer-Term Costs of Cyberattacks

Apple’s Macs Have Long Escaped Ransomware. That May Be Changing

FIN7 and Ex-Conti Cybercrime Gangs Join Forces in Domino Malware Attacks

Hackers Publish Sensitive Employee Data Stolen During CommScope Ransomware Attack

Capita Investigates Authenticity of Ransomware Gang Leaks

Charity Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack on Supplier Evide

New Chameleon Android Malware Mimics Bank, Gov’t, and Crypto Apps

QBot Banking Trojan Increasingly Delivered Via Business Emails

New Zaraza Bot Credential-Stealer Sold on Telegram Targeting 38 Web Browsers

Hackers Abuse Google Command and Control Red Team Tool in Attacks

Engineering Cybersecurity into U.S. Critical Infrastructure

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