Apple’s High Security Mode Blocked NSO Spyware, Researchers Say

Cyberattack Risks Rise up Company Agendas

Used Routers Often Come Loaded With Corporate Secrets

What Happened When the IRS Got Audited

WhatsApp, Signal Claim UK Online Safety Bill Threatens User Privacy and Safety

Brit Cops Rapped Over App That Recorded 200K Phone Calls

Australian Military Helicopter Crash Blamed on Failure to Apply Software Patch

Avalor Wants to Unify Cybersecurity Tools by Aggregating Data

Combatting Cyber Attacks Requires More Than Just Money
NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware Found on High-Risk iPhones

Russian APT28 Snoops Just Love Invading Unpatched Cisco Gear, America and UK Warn

Chinese APT41 Taps Google Red Teaming Tool in Targeted Info-Stealing Attacks

Microsoft: Iranian Mint Sandstorm Hackers Behind Retaliatory Cyberattacks on U.S. Orgs

Iranian MuddyWater Uses SimpleHelp to Target Critical Infrastructure Firms

University of the People (CA) Data Breach After Unauthorized SharePoint Access

YouTube Videos Distributing Aurora Stealer Malware via Highly Evasive Loader

New Sandbox Escape PoC Exploit Available for VM2 Library, Patch Now

Microsoft Opens up Defender Threat Intel Library With File Hash, URL Search

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