March 2023 Broke Ransomware Attack Records With 459 Incidents

Ransomware Gangs Abuse Process Explorer Driver to Kill Security Software

Fortra Shares Findings on GoAnywhere MFT Zero-Day Attacks

Popular Fitness Apps Leak Location Data Even When Users Set Privacy Zones

Krebs: Giving a Face to the Malware Proxy Service ‘Faceless’

DC Health Link Data Breach Blamed on Human Error

Nurse Call Systems, Infusion Pumps Riskiest Connected Medical Devices

The Hacker Who Hijacked Matt Walsh’s Twitter Was Just ‘Bored’

The iPhone Setting Thieves Use to Lock You Out of Your Apple Account

Patient Seeks to Force Hospital Network to Pay Hackers Ransom to Remove Naked Photos Online

U.S. Citizens Charged With Pushing Pro-Kremlin Disinfo, Election Interference

Gary Bowser, Former Nintendo Hacker, Released From Prison

No Prison Time for Ryuk Ransomware Gang Broker After Guilty Plea

Hackers Got Hacking Wrong, But It Got Entertainment Right

Phishing Scams Growing More Sophisticated, Finra Says
Google TAG Warns of Russian APT28 Hackers Conducting Phishing Attacks in Ukraine

Blind Eagle Cyber Espionage Group Strikes Again: New Attack Chain Uncovered

Pakistani Hackers Use Linux Malware Poseidon to Target Indian Government Agencies

Huntington Ingalls Industries Data Breach Affects 43,643 Individuals

Major MA, NH Health Insurance Provider Point32Health Hit by Cybersecurity Ransomware Attack

West Technology Group Confirms Employee SSNs Leaked in Recent Data Breach

Bryant Bank (AL) Data Breach Leaked an Unknown Number of SSNs

Play Ransomware Gang Uses Custom Shadow Volume Copy Data-Theft Tool

Raspberry Robin Adopts Unique Evasion Techniques

Hackers Actively Exploit Critical RCE Bug in PaperCut Servers

Microsoft SQL Servers Hacked to Deploy Trigona Ransomware

Google Chrome Hit by Second Zero-Day Attack – Urgent Patch Update Released

Microsoft Defender Update Causes Windows Hardware Stack Protection Mess

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