3CX Hack Caused by Supply Chain Attack at Stock Trading Automation Company Trading Technologies

Google: Ukraine Targeted by 60% Of Russian Phishing Attacks in 2023

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Says Employee Breached Data of 250,000 Consumers in ‘Major Incident’

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Counter Chinese Cyber Threats Against Taiwan

Huawei Launches In-House Software System After Being Cut Off From Us Services

Seagate Hit With $300 Million Penalty for Continuing $1 Billion Relationship With Blacklisted Firm Huawei, Despite U.S. Export Controls

Proton Launches an End-To-End Encrypted Password Manager

ChatGPT-Related Malicious URLs on the Rise

Expert Insight: Dangers of Using Large Language Models Before They Are Baked
Lazarus Group Adds Linux Malware to Arsenal in Operation Dream Job

Capita Has ‘Evidence’ Customer Data Was Stolen in Digital Burglary

LockBit Ransomware Reportedly Strikes Venezuela’s Largest Bank

Cyber Attack Reportedly Hits Montana State University

Medical Imaging Firm Shields Health Care Group, Inc. Announces Third Party Data Breach Affecting Over 2.3 Million People

Daggerfly APT Targets African Telecoms Firm With New MgBot Malware

Attackers Use Abandoned WordPress Plugin to Backdoor Websites

Two Critical Flaws Found in Alibaba Cloud’s PostgreSQL Databases

VMware Fixes vRealize Bug That Let Attackers Run Code as Root

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