13-Year-Old Makes History With Computer Science and Cybersecurity Degrees

The Real Risks in Google’s New .Zip and .Mov Domains

Experts Warn of Voice Cloning-as-a-Service

Microsoft Warns of Increase in Business Email Compromise Attacks

Cloned CapCut Websites Push Information Stealing Malware

Android Phones Are Vulnerable to Fingerprint Brute-Force Attacks

The Underground History of Russia’s Most Ingenious Hacker Group ‘Turla’

How Montana Could Enforce a TikTok Ban

A TikTok ‘Car Theft’ Challenge Is Costing Hyundai $200 Million

Meet ‘Jack’ from Romania! Mastermind Behind Golden Chickens Malware

Russian IT Guy Sent to Labor Camp for DDoSing Kremlin Websites

Americans to Get One-Time $5,000 Max Payment From Maxim Healthcare Breach Settlement
PyPI Repository Under Attack: User Sign-Ups and Package Uploads Temporarily Halted

Asus Routers Knocked Offline Worldwide by Bad Security Update

Florida Baptist Convention Loses Over $700K in Cyber Attack, Investigation Underway

Threat of Confidential Data Release in Dallas Ransomware Attack

Dish Network Likely Paid Ransom After Recent Ransomware Attack

Luxottica Confirms 2021 Data Breach After Info of 70M Leaks Online

Notorious Cyber Gang FIN7 Returns With Cl0p Ransomware in New Wave of Attacks

CommonMagic Malware Implants Linked to New CloudWizard Framework

Developer Alert: NPM Packages for Node.js Hiding Dangerous TurkoRat Malware

CISA Warns of Samsung ASLR Bypass Flaw Exploited in Attacks

Data Siloes: Overcoming the Greatest Challenge in SecOps

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