Lawmakers, Experts Fear Key Cyber Vacancy Leaves U.S. Vulnerable to Attacks

TikTok Sues to Stop Montana From Enforcing Its “Unconstitutional” Ban

China Issues Ban on U.S. Chipmaker Products

Security Chiefs Trim the Fat as Budgets Bite

Cybersecurity Firms’ Earnings Set to Benefit From Growing Threat of Hacks

How Con Artists Use AI, Apps, Social Engineering to Target Parents, Grandparents for Theft

Pentagon Explosion Hoax Goes Viral After Verified Twitter Accounts Push

Buyer Beware: Some Sandisk Extreme SSDs Are Wiping People’s Data

Leaked EU Document Shows Spain Wants to Ban End-to-End Encryption

Meta Fined a Record $1.3 Billion Over EU User Data Transfers to the U.S.

Google Settles Location Tracking Lawsuit for Only $39.9M

UK Fraudster Behind iSpoof Scam Receives 13-Year Jail Term for Cyber Crimes
Bad Magic’s Extended Reign in Cyber Espionage Goes Back Over a Decade

Indonesian Cybercriminals Exploit AWS for Profitable Crypto Mining Operations

Dish Says Ransomware Gang Stole Almost 300,000 Employee Records

German Arms Company Rheinmetall Confirms Black Basta Ransomware Group Behind Cyberattack

Constellation Software Inc. Experiences Data Breach Following Cyberattack

Gentex Corporation Confirms Ransomware Attack, Raising Questions Over Possible Data Breach

Crypto Phishing Service Inferno Drainer Defrauds Thousands of Victims

Malicious Windows Kernel Drivers Used in BlackCat Ransomware Attacks

CISA Orders Gov’t Agencies to Patch iPhone Bugs Exploited in Attacks

Google Launches Bug Bounty Program for Its Android Applications

IBM’s Polar Buy Creates Focus on a New ‘Shadow Data’ Cloud Security Area

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