Biden Nominates Air Force Lieutenant General Timothy Haugh to Lead NSA, Cyber Command

Treasury Sanctions Cyber Actors Tied to North Korea

North Korean Kimsuky Hackers Strike Again with Advanced Reconnaissance Malware

TikTok to Let Oracle View Source Code, Algorithm, and Content Moderation

Chinese Labs Are Selling Fentanyl Ingredients for Millions in Crypto

Ads for Lucrative Jobs in Asia Fail to Mention Chance of Slavery as Crypto-Scammer

Krebs: Interview With a Crypto Scam Investment Spammer

IT Employee Impersonates Ransomware Gang to Extort Employer

Palo Alto Lifts Annual Forecasts on Resilient Cybersecurity Spending

Where to Focus Your Company’s Limited Cybersecurity Budget

Ignoring Cybersecurity Is Intellectually Dishonest
GoldenJackal Targets Diplomatic Entities in Middle East, South Asia

New WinTapix.sys Malware Engages in Multi-Stage Attack Across Middle East

Cuba Ransomware Claims Cyberattack on Philadelphia Inquirer

Sallie Mae Notified Individuals of Recent Data Breach Involving Bank Account Information

Apria Healthcare Breach Affects Up to 1.8 Million Individuals

Dorchester School (UK) IT System Held to Ransom in Cyber Attack

Suzuki Motorcycle India Temporarily Shuts Production Following a Cyber Attack

Fata Morgana Watering Hole Attack Targets Shipping, Logistics Firms

SuperMailer Abuse Bypasses Email Security for Super-Sized Credential Theft

New AhRat Android Malware Hidden in App With 50,000 Installs

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