Chinese Hackers Attacked Kenyan Government as Debt Strains Grew

Chinese Hackers ‘Volt Typhoon’ Breach U.S. Critical Infrastructure in Stealthy Attacks

Lazarus Group Targeting Microsoft Web Servers to Launch Espionage Malware

Iranian Hackers ‘Agrius’ Use New Moneybird Ransomware to Attack Israeli Orgs

Cyber Attacks Strike Ukraine’s State Bodies in Espionage Operation

50% of UK CEOs See Cyber as a Bigger Business Risk than the Economy

Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora Calls Generative A.I. a Boon for Customer Satisfaction and Company Efficiency

A.I. Poses Existential Risk of People Being ‘Harmed or Killed,’ Ex-google CEO Eric Schmidt Says

Philly Inquirer Says Cuba Ransomware Gang’s Data Leak Claims Are Fake News
Reliance’s Zivame Customers Say Their Accounts Were Hacked

Harvard Pilgrim Says Patient Information May Have Been Stolen During Cyber Attack

Peachtree Orthopedics (GA) Data Breach Potentially Compromised Patients’ Social Security Numbers

Data Stealing Malware Discovered in Popular Android Screen Recorder App

Legion Malware Upgraded to Target SSH Servers and AWS Credentials

New PowerExchange Malware Backdoors Microsoft Exchange Servers

Barracuda Warns of Email Gateways Breached via Zero-Day Flaw

GitLab ‘Strongly Recommends’ Patching Max Severity Flaw ASAP

Why Aren’t Venture Capitalists Flocking to Fund Cybersecurity Startups?

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