Chinese State-Sponsored Hackers ‘Volt Typhoon’ Infiltrated U.S. Naval Infrastructure, Secretary of the Navy Says

U.S. State Department Warns China Could Hack Infrastructure, Including Pipelines, Rail Systems

China Hits Back After Microsoft Says State-Sponsored Group Hacked Critical Us Infrastructure

Reuters: Kenyan Official Dismisses Reuters Report on Chinese Hack as ‘Propaganda’

Spotted: Suspected Russian Malware ‘CosmicEnergy’ Designed to Disrupt Euro, Asia Energy Grids

Brazilian Hackers ‘Operation Magalenha’ Targeting Users of Over 30 Portuguese Banks

The Security Hole at the Heart of ChatGPT and Bing

Cybersecurity Chiefs Navigate AI Risks and Potential Rewards

Advanced Phishing Attacks Surge 356% in 2022

Microsoft 365 Phishing Attacks Use Encrypted RPMSG Messages

A Popular Password Hashing Algorithm Starts Its Long Goodbye

Building an Effective Cybersecurity Training Program

Four Ways To Improve Cybersecurity For Your Business

CISO Criminalization, Vague Cyber Disclosure Rules Create Angst for Security Teams

Netflix’s Password-Sharing Ban Offers Security & Account Safety Upsides
Russian Electronics Giant Pult.ru Hit by Data Leak

Fresh Del Monte Produce Notifies Employees of Recent Data Breach

Populus Financial Group, Inc. Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting 51,858 Individuals

Freedom Mortgage (FL) Notifies Consumers That a Data Breach Compromised Their Social Security Numbers

Credit Union of Southern California Data Breach Following Compromised Employee Email Account

Scandinavian Airlines Hit By Cyber Attack As Hackers Demand $175,000

Augusta (GA) City Services Suffer as Cyber-Attack Keeps Computers Off

Dark Frost Botnet Launches Devastating DDoS Attacks on Gaming Industry

Buhti Ransomware Gang Switches Tactics, Utilizes Leaked LockBit and Babuk Code

Predator: Looking under the hood of Intellexa’s Android spyware

Expo Framework API Flaw Reveals User Data in Online Services

Hackers Target 1.5M WordPress Sites With Cookie Consent Plugin Exploit

Zyxel Issues Critical Security Patches for Firewall and VPN Products

D-Link Fixes Auth Bypass and RCE Flaws in D-View 8 Software

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