Americans Should Prepare for Cyber Sabotage From Chinese Hackers, U.S. Official Warns

Trump, Indicted on 37 Criminal Counts, to Appear in Federal Court in Miami Tuesday

‘Witch Hunt’

The U.S. Is Openly Stockpiling Dirt on All Its Citizens

Swiss Government Targeted by Series of Cyber-Attacks

A Massive Vaccine Database Leak Exposes IDs of Millions of Indians

Beware: 1,000+ Fake Cryptocurrency Sites Trap Users in Bogus Rewards Scheme

An Anti-Porn App Put Him in Jail and His Family Under Surveillance

Apple’s Safari Private Browsing Now Automatically Removes Tracking Parameters in URLs

Microsoft Stole Our Stolen Dark Web Data, Says Security Outfit

Doing Less With Less: Focusing on Value
Have I Been Pwned Warns of New Zacks Data Breach Impacting 8 Million

Password Reset Hack Exposed in Honda’s E-Commerce Platform, Dealers Data at Risk

Pioneer Valley Ophthalmic Consultants, PC Files Notice of Third-Party Alta

Data Breach at Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Columbus Regional Healthcare System (NC) Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Microsoft: Azure Portal Outage Was Caused by Traffic “Spike”

Cybercriminals Using Powerful BatCloak Engine to Make Malware Fully Undetectable

Researchers Uncover Publisher Spoofing Bug in Microsoft Visual Studio Installer

Fortinet: New FortiOS RCE Bug “May Have Been Exploited” in Attacks

Exploit Released for MOVEit RCE Bug Used in Data Theft Attacks

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