‘Aggressive’ China Cyberattacks Are the ‘Defining Threat’ of Our Time, Top U.S. Cyber Official Says

Renewal of U.S. Surveillance Program Faces Resistance From Both Parties

UFO Whistleblower, Meet a Conspiracy-Loving Congress

Massive Phishing Campaign Uses 6,000 Sites to Impersonate 100 Brands

RDP Honeypot Targeted 3.5 Million Times in Brute-Force Attacks

CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Secure Internet-Exposed Network Devices

Why Critical Infrastructure Remains a Ransomware Target

Researchers Report First Instance of Automated SaaS Ransomware Extortion

U.S. Regulators Tell Automakers Not to Comply With Massachusetts Vehicle Data Law

Last of the Gozi 3 Sentenced Over Windows Info-Stealing Malware Ops
St. Margaret’s Health Is the First Health Care Facility to Link Its Closing to a Ransomware Attack

Zacks Confirms Hack, 9M Accounts Impacted

UK Telco Watchdog Ofcom, Minnesota Dept of Ed Named as Latest MOVEit Victims

TST BOCES (NY) Files Notice of Data breach Affecting SSNs of More than 11k Individuals

Crypto Wallets Under Attack By DoubleFinger Malware

Adversary-in-the-Middle Attack Campaign Hits Dozens of Global Organizations

Pirated Windows 10 ISOs Install Clipper Malware via EFI Partitions

WordPress Stripe Payment Plugin Bug Leaks Customer Order Details

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, June 2023 Edition

June Patch Tuesday: VMware Vuln Under Attack by Chinese Spies, Microsoft Kinda Meh

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