EU Passes Landmark Artificial Intelligence Act

The Pace Of AI Innovation For Cybersecurity Is Fast And Furious

Microsoft Links Data Wiping Attacks to New Russian GRU Hacking Group ‘Cadet Blizzard’

Estonian Police Investigate Crypto Hack Blamed on North Korean Lazarus Hackers

Chinese Hackers Use DNS-Over-HTTPS for Linux Malware Communication

Malicious Actors Exploit GitHub to Distribute Fake Exploits

LockBit Victims in the U.S. Alone Paid Over $90M in Ransoms Since 2020

Moving the Cyber Industry Forward Requires a Novel Approach
Fake WannaCry Ransomware Targets Russian “Enlisted” FPS Players

33,000 Patients Caught in Data Breach at Maimonides Medical Center (NY)

Leidos Experiences Data Breach Resulting from Vulnerability in Software Provided By Diligent Corporation

Henry Ford Health System Patient Data Exposed in mscripts, Data Breach

New Golang-Based Skuld Malware Stealing Discord and Browser Data from Windows PCs

New ‘Shampoo’ Chromeloader Malware Pushed via Fake Warez Sites

Microsoft Says Azure Outage Was Caused by ‘Anomalous’ Traffic Spike, Claimed by ‘Anonymous Sudan’

Researchers Uncover XSS Vulnerabilities in Azure Services

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