White House Outlines Cyber Budget Priorities, Including Making Ransomware ‘No Longer Profitable’

‘A Regional Disaster’: Cyberattacks on Health Care Facilities Have Ripple Effects, Study Says

Fears Grow of Deepfake ID Scams Following Progress Hack

How Your Real Flight Reservation Can Be Used to Scam You

New Electromagnetic Attacks on Drones Could Let Attackers Take Control

The Password Game Will Make You Want to Break Your Keyboard in the Best Way

Microsoft Sysmon Now Detects When Executables Files Are Created

Brave Browser Boosts Privacy With New Local Resources Restrictions

Andariel’s Mistakes Uncover New ‘EarlyRat’ Malware in Lazarus Group Campaign

Uncovering How AI’s Dual Relationship With Cybersecurity Operates

The Tiny Government Agency Behind a Chinese A.I. Chip Ban That’s Weighing on Nvidia

Krebs: U.K. Cyber Thug “PlugwalkJoe” Gets 5 Years in Prison

University of California Sues Lloyd’s Syndicates Over Cyber Insurance
U.S. Health Department, Law Firms Reportedly Latest Hit in Wide-Ranging MOVEit Hack

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Notifies Filers of Years-Long Data Leak

CryptosLabs Scam Ring Targets French-Speaking Investors, Rakes in €480 Million

8Base Ransomware Spikes in Activity, Threatens U.S. and Brazilian Businesses

Texas AG Reports More Than 2,500 Customers Exposed in USAA Data Breach

MAC Pizza (TX) Files Notice of Data Breach Following Recent Ransomware Attack

ThirdEye Infostealer Poses New Threat to Windows Users

Linux Version of Akira Ransomware Targets VMware ESXi Servers

NPM Ecosystem at Risk From “Manifest Confusion” Attacks

Exploit Released for New Arcserve UDP Auth Bypass Vulnerability

Critical SQL Injection Flaws Expose Gentoo Soko to Remote Code Execution

3 Strategies for Bringing Rigor to Software Security

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