Iranian Charming Kitten’s PowerStar Malware Evolves with Advanced Techniques

From MuddyC3 to PhonyC2: Iran’s MuddyWater Evolves with a New Cyber Weapon

Security Chiefs Take On IT Roles as More Infrastructure Moves Online

MIT Publishes Framework to Evaluate Cybersecurity Methods

NSA and CISA Release Guidelines to Secure CI/CD Environments

Chinese Balloon That U.S. Shot Down Was ‘Crammed’ With American Hardware

Network Security Guy in Extradition Tug of War Between U.S. and Russia

Pornhub Is Being Accused of Illegal Data Collection

Now Apple Takes a Bite Out of Encryption-Bypassing ‘Spy Clause’ in UK Internet Law

Proton Launches Open-Source Password Manager With Some Limitations
Pro-Russia DDoSia Hacktivist Project Sees 2,400% Membership Increase

Millions Affected by MOVEit Mass-Hacks as List of Casualties Continues to Grow

Paracetamol Maker Granules India Flags Significant Operations Hit From Cyber Attack

Sweetwater UHSD (CA) Data Breach Compromises Student, Staff Info

Roosevelt University Data Breach Involving FAFSA Applications Affects 47,877

Fluhorse: Flutter-Based Android Malware Targets Credit Cards and 2FA Codes

Critical Security Flaw in Social Login Plugin for WordPress Exposes Users’ Accounts

MITRE Releases New List of Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Bugs

Vulnerability Hunting: Threat Hunting’s Cybersecurity Cousin

Cybersecurity 101

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