Switzerland’s Security Report: Impact of Russia–Ukraine Conflict

CISA Issues DDoS Warning After Attacks Hit Multiple U.S. Orgs

The TSA Will Use Facial Recognition in Over 400 Airports

Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Integrates With Identity Management Software Okta as It Pushes Into Germany

Krebs: Russian Cybersecurity Executive Nikita Kislitsin Arrested for Alleged Role in 2012 Megahacks

Free Akira Ransomware Decryptor Helps Recover Your Files

Snappy: A Tool to Detect Rogue WiFi Access Points on Open Networks

WhatsApp Upgrades Proxy Feature Against Internet Shutdowns

Twitter’s Bot Spam Keeps Getting Worse — It’s About Porn This Time

Cops Told: Er, No, You Need a Wiretap Order if You Want Real-Time Facebook Snooping
Chipmaker TSMC Says Supplier Targeted in Cyberattack

LockBit Claims TSMC Hack, Demands $70m Ransom

TSCM Denies LockBit Hack as Ransomware Gang Demands $70 Million

DeFi Platform Poly Network Hacked, Hackers Issue Millions of Tokens on Metis, Polygon and BSC

Henrietta Johnson Medical Center (DE) Notifies Patients of Data Breach, Potential Exposure

Ransomware Attack Hits Lebanon School District (NH)

BlackCat Ransomware Pushes Cobalt Strike via WinSCP Search Ads

Cybercriminals Hijacking Vulnerable SSH Servers in New Proxyjacking Campaign

Hackers Exploiting Unpatched WordPress Plugin Flaw to Create Secret Admin Accounts

Apple, Google, and MOVEit Just Patched Serious Security Flaws

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