Microsoft Under Fire After Hacks of U.S. State and Commerce Departments

Blinken Warns Chinese Counterpart

Mandiant Unveils Russian GRU’s Cyber Playbook Against Ukraine

White House Outlines ‘Roadmap’ for Cybersecurity Goals

Fake PoC for Linux Kernel Vulnerability on GitHub Exposes Researchers to Malware

USB Drive Malware Attacks Spiking Again in First Half of 2023

New CVSS Version Unveiled Amid Rising Cyber Threats

Google Play Will Enforce Business Checks to Curb Malware Submissions

Celsius Feels the Heat: Ex-CEO Arrested, Watchdogs Line Up to Sue Bankrupt Crypto Biz
PicassoLoader Malware Used in Ongoing Attacks on Ukraine and Poland

TeamTNT’s Silentbob Botnet Infecting 196 Hosts in Cloud Attack Campaign

Source Code for BlackLotus Windows UEFI Malware Leaked on GitHub

Morehead State University (KY) Hit by Cyber-Attack

WormGPT Cybercrime Tool Heralds an Era of AI Malware vs. AI Defenses

Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Bugs Expose Industrial Systems to Remote Attacks

Security Flaws in Honeywell Devices Could Be Used to Disrupt Critical Industries

Zimbra Urges Admins to Manually Fix Zero-Day Exploited in Attacks

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