Microsoft Says Chinese Hackers Used Code Flaw to Steal Emails From U.S. Agencies

Chinese APT Favorite Backdoor Shadowpad Found in Pakistani Government App

Xi Jinping Calls for ‘Solid’ Security Barrier Around China’s Internet

EV Charging Networks Prepare for Cyberattacks

Krebs: SEO Expert Hired and Fired By Ashley Madison Turned on Company, Promising Revenge

Nude Videos of Kids From Hacked Baby Monitors Were Sold on Telegram

FBI Surveillance Fears Are Uniting a Badly Broken Congress

Lapsus$ Teen Hacked Uber, Revolut and Grand Theft Auto Maker, London Court Hears

BreachForums Owner Pompompurin Pleads Guilty to Hacking Charges

Genesis Market Infrastructure and Inventory Sold on Hacker Forum

London Mayor’s Office Breach: Sexual Abuse Survivor Personal Information May Have Been Accessible Online
Colorado State University Says Data Breach Impacts Students, Staff

Shutterfly Says Clop Ransomware Attack Did Not Impact Customer Data

The Discovery Channel and Shutterfly Among Cl0p’s Latest MOVEit Transfer Ransomware Victims

WordPress AIOS Plugin Used by 1M Sites Logged Plaintext Passwords

Thousands of Images on Docker Hub Leak Auth Secrets, Private Keys

Gamaredon Hackers Start Stealing Data 30 Minutes After a Breach

LokiBot Malware Targets Windows Users in Office Document Attacks

TeamTNT’s Cloud Credential Stealing Campaign Now Targets Azure and Google Cloud

New SOHO Router Botnet AVrecon Spreads to 70,000 Devices Across 20 Countries

Cisco SD-WAN vManage Impacted by Unauthenticated REST API Access

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