Two U.S. Navy Sailors Charged With Giving Chinese Spies Secret Military Info

Krebs: Teach a Man to Phish and He’s Set for Life

Alarm Raised Over Mozilla VPN: Wonky Authorization Check Lets Users Cause Havoc

FBI Warns of Scammers Posing as NFT Devs to Steal Your Crypto

Fake VMware vConnector Package on PyPI Targets IT Pros

How to Automatically Delete Passcode Texts on Android and iOS

Tesla Infotainment Jailbreak Unlocks Paid Features, Extracts Secrets

New Acoustic Attack Steals Data From Keystrokes With 95% Accuracy
Prospect Medical: Cyberattack Disrupts Computer Systems Across U.S., Hindering Services

Colorado Department of Higher Education Warns of Massive Data Breach

Burger King Serves Up Sensitive Data, No Mayo

Clop Ransomware Now Uses Torrents to Leak Data and Evade Takedowns

Reptile Rootkit: Advanced Linux Malware Targeting South Korean Systems

Stealthy NPM Malware Exposes Developer Data

New PaperCut Critical Bug Exposes Unpatched Servers to RCE Attacks

Microsoft Addresses Critical Power Platform Flaw After Delays and Criticism

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