Russian Hackers Use Zulip Chat App for Covert C&C in Diplomatic Phishing Attacks

China-Linked Bronze Starlight Group Targeting Gambling Sector with Cobalt Strike Beacons

The Plan to Better Protect U.S. Hospitals From Ransomware

AI Use Rising in Influence Campaigns Online, but Impact Limited

CISA Launches Joint Initiative to Secure RMM Software

AnonFiles Shuts Down After Massive User Abuse

Japan’s Digital Minister Surrenders Salary to Say Sorry for Data Leaks

An Overview of Dubai’s First and Second Cybersecurity Strategy
New LABRAT Campaign Exploits GitLab Flaw for Cryptojacking and Proxyjacking Activities

Phishing Spree Targets Zimbra Collaboration Account Holders

NoFilter Attack: Sneaky Privilege Escalation Method Bypasses Windows Security

Thousands of Android APKs Use Compression Trick to Thwart Analysis

New Apple iOS 16 Exploit Enables Stealthy Cellular Access Under Fake Airplane Mode

CISA Adds Citrix ShareFile Flaw to KEV Catalog Due to In-the-Wild Attacks

Why Technology, Not More Legislation, Is The Answer For Cybersecurity

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