U.S. OKs State Auto-Repair Law After Raising Hacking Concerns

Agile Approach to Mass Cloud Credential Harvesting and Crypto Mining Sprints Ahead

Email Still the Top Vector for Attackers

Syrian Threat Actor EVLF Unmasked as Creator of CypherRAT and CraxsRAT Android Malware

North Korean Affiliates Suspected in $40M Cryptocurrency Heist, FBI Warns

Tornado Cash ‘Laundered Over $1B’ in Criminal Crypto-Coins

Teen Lapsus$ Member Was Behind the Leaked GTA 6 Footage, London Jury Finds

How to Talk to Your Kids About Social Media and Mental Health

Meta Set to Enable Default End-to-End Encryption on Messenger by Year End

Bitwarden Releases Free and Open-Source E2EE Secrets Manager

5 Early Warning Indicators That Are Key to Protecting National Secrets
Criminals Go Full Viking on CloudNordic, Wipe All Servers and Customer Data

AzeroCloud Too

Scraped Data of 2.6 Million Duolingo Users Released on Hacking Forum

Personal and Confidential Info Breached in Tucson Unified School District (AZ) Cyberattack

Discord Starts Notifying Users Affected by March Data Breach

WinRAR Zero-Day Exploited Since April to Hack Trading Accounts

Over a Dozen Malicious npm Packages Target Roblox Game Developers

Over 3,000 Openfire Servers Vulnerable to Takover Attacks

New Stealthy Techniques Let Hackers Gain Windows SYSTEM Privileges

Kali Linux 2023.3 Released With 9 New Tools, Internal Changes

Google Workspace Will Require Two Admins to Sign Off on Critical Changes

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