Early Intelligence Suggests Prigozhin Was Assassinated, U.S. Officials Say

The Last Hour of Prigozhin’s Plane

New Telegram Bot “Telekopye” Powering Large-scale Phishing Scams from Russia

Britain to Host World’s First AI Safety Summit to Encourage Responsibility at Home of World War II Codebreakers

NIST Publishes Draft Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards

Ransomware Hackers Dwell Time Drops to 5 Days, RDP Still Widely Used

Ransomware With an Identity Crisis Targets Small Businesses, Individuals

Fake Check Scammers Target Adobe Behance Users With Fake Waymo Work

Who’s Your Next Cyber Chief? Good Question.

Why The Chainsmokers Invest in—and Party With—Niche Cybersecurity Companies
North Korean Lazarus Group Exploits Critical Zoho ManageEngine Flaw to Deploy Stealthy QuiteRAT Malware

Belgium’s Econocom Confirms Cyber Attack, No Sensitive Data Disclosed

National Grid Notifies Mass. Customers on Data Exposure in ‘Cyber Incident’

Ohio History Connection Hit With Ransomware Attack

New “Whiffy Recon” Malware Triangulates Infected Device Location via Wi-Fi Every Minute

New Study Sheds Light on Adhubllka Ransomware Network

Jupiter X Core WordPress Plugin Could Let Hackers Hijack Sites

Exploit Released for Ivanti Sentry Bug Abused as Zero-Day in Attacks

FBI Warns of Patched Barracuda ESG Appliances Still Being Hacked

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