The U.S. Congress Has Trust Issues. Generative AI Is Making It Worse

White House Calls for Stronger Open-Source Security

White House Urging Dozens of Countries to Publicly Commit to Not Pay Ransoms

Chilling Lack of Cyber Experts in UK Government, Finds Parliamentary Inquiry

China Says It Hasn’t Banned iPhones or Foreign Devices for Government Staff

France Demands Apple Pull iPhone 12 Due to High RF Radiation Levels

New Windows 11 Feature Blocks NTLM-Based Attacks Over SMB

Federal Mandates on Medical-Device Cybersecurity Get Serious

Rail Cybersecurity Is a Complex Environment

Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Roadies & Gamers Are Untapped Talent
MGM Resorts Breached by ‘Scattered Spider’ Hackers

Caesars Entertainment Paid Millions to Hackers in Attack

Hackers Steal $53 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency From CoinEx

Rollbar Discloses Data Breach After Hackers Stole Access Tokens

Airbus Suffers Data Leak Turbulence to Cybercrooks’ Delight

New Kubernetes Vulnerabilities Enable Remote Attacks on Windows Endpoints

Rust-Written 3AM Ransomware: A Sneak Peek into a New Malware Family

Researchers Detail 8 Vulnerabilities in Azure HDInsight Analytics Service

Mozilla Patches Firefox, Thunderbird Against Zero-Day Exploited in Attacks

Krebs: Adobe, Apple, Google & Microsoft Patch 0-Day Bugs

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