Iranian Hackers Breach Defense Orgs in Password Spray Attacks

Russian Journalist’s iPhone Compromised by NSO Group’s Zero-Click Spyware

Krebs: FBI Hacker Dropped Stolen Airbus Data on 9/11

The Cyberattack That Sent Las Vegas Back in Time

MGM Casino Hack Shows Challenge in Defending Connected Tech

Caesars Entertainment Says Customer Data Stolen in Cyberattack

The Twisted Eye in the Sky Over Buenos Aires

Elon Musk in Hot Water With FTC Over Twitter Privacy Issues
Manchester Police Officers’ Data Breached in Third-Party Attack

Auckland Transport Authority Hit by Suspected Ransomware Attack

Upstate New York Nonprofit Hospitals Still Facing Issues After LockBit Ransomware Attack

Fake Cisco Webex Google Ads Abuse Tracking Templates to Push Malware

N-Able’s Take Control Agent Vulnerability Exposes Windows Systems to Privilege Escalation

Windows 11 ‘ThemeBleed’ RCE Bug Gets Proof-of-Concept Exploit

Microsoft Uncovers Flaws in ncurses Library Affecting Linux and macOS Systems

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